GPM offers a complimentary SAM Status checker

There are estimates that say as many as 60% of the vendors registered with SAM contain errors or have deficiencies in their SAM/DSBS Profiles. Which can lead to the loss of government business.

As a complimentary service, GP&M will review our Clients SAM Profile and notify you of any errors found. To find out the status of your SAM Registration, please fill out the form below:

SAM Status Checker

Time is running out! Remember, without an active SAM Registration, you cannot be compensated for past contracts or be considered for new contracts and/or Federal funding opportunities.


If your SAM Registration expired or is within 90 days of expiring, you need to renew it now so your company does not miss out on new government business and funding opportunities. Therefore your current and updated SAM profile is necessary for compensation on any contracts that have been fulfilled as well as future contract opportunities.

Having a compliant SAM that is fully active can be the difference between you getting paid on time and calling your Government contact therefore, making it one of the most important tools in procuring government contracts.

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