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  • Machine learning speeding up patent classifications at USPTO February 24, 2021
    Machine learning is helping the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shorten the time it takes to assign patent applications to examiners, instead of having to redo its entire classification process, according to CIO Jamie Holcombe. USPTO sent its top engineers to Google on the East and West coasts to learn more about ML and TensorFlow application programming interfaces. Now those […]
    Dave Nyczepir
  • Space Force focusing on pitch days, consortiums to speed up tech acquisition February 24, 2021
    The U.S. Space Force wants to lean on consortiums and host “Shark Tank”-style pitch events to rapidly acquire tech from the commercial space industry. The force has plans to host the first “Space Pitch Day” in the spring where companies will present ideas for the potential to win a cash award on the spot. The Air Force has […]
    Jackson Barnett
  • GSA re-awards spots on $5.5B 2GIT contract February 23, 2021
    The General Services Administration re-awarded 79 spots on a $5.5 billion contract allowing all levels of government to buy IT hardware and software products and services. Protests stalled the Second Generation IT (2GIT) five-year blanket purchase agreement (BPA) awards, which included 58 small businesses, for 15 months. The BPA streamlines the purchasing of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology through GSA Advantage!, allowing […]
    Dave Nyczepir
  • Air Force picks 15 airmen-designed projects to automate menial tasks February 23, 2021
    The Air Force’s Vice Chief’s Challenge yielded 15 winning ideas based on technology to help automate menial tasks and give airmen new opportunities to get their hands on code. The winning ideas ranged from chatbots for financial management systems to network monitoring software to improve cybersecurity. And now those ideas will be given the resources to pilot, […]
    Jackson Barnett
  • The new urgency for federal financial authorities to leverage the cloud February 23, 2021
    Olivia Peterson leads the U.S. Federal Financial Services business at Amazon Web Services. She previously served as Senior Vice President of Client Services at SS&C Primatics and Senior Business Initiatives Director at Freddie Mac. By most measures, the world’s financial institutions have made significant strides in the past few years digitizing their operations and their […]
    Julia Weaver

What Is the GSA?

The GSA (General Services Administration) is an independent U.S. government agency whose purpose is to help manage and support all its federal agencies. It oversees the supply of services and products for U.S. government offices, as well as buildings, office space and transportation for federal employees.

The GSA administers more than $66 billion in procurement costs to help run the government every year. It is also responsible in the management of about $500 billion in U.S. federal property, including over 9,600 owned and leased buildings, and a motor pool in excess of 200,000 vehicles. GSA assists in providing the wherewithal for the smooth operation of the U.S. Government, as well as helping keep the homeland safe by providing tools, equipment, and non-tactical vehicles to the U.S. military, and providing state and local governments with law enforcement equipment, firefighting and rescue equipment, and disaster recovery products and services.

What Is SAM?

SAM is the federal government’s primary source for identifying potential vendors. Every federal agency, both civilian and military, utilizes the SAM database. Many federal contract officers initially determine whether a contract should be set-aside exclusively for 8(a), HUBZone, woman-owned, or service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses based on firms identifying themselves with these designations in SAM.

Prime contractors also use SAM to identify potential subcontractors and suppliers, with emphasis on the various small business socio-economic categories like those just mentioned.  Even state and local governments sometimes consult the federal database to find potential vendors who are interested in the broader governmental marketplace. In addition, all businesses, non-profits, and units of state and local government must be registered in SAM in order to receive federal payments and disbursements against contracts and grants.

The Potential Pitfalls of Self-Registration

According to the Georgia Tech Procurement Technical Assistance Center a high percentage of all companies registered in SAM have errors in their records, including incomplete entries, spelling errors, blank data fields, and wrong procurement codes.

Any company that registers with SAM and submits incomplete or incorrect information will not be contacted by the federal government for contract work. Additionally, any company that submits faulty information or omits information will not be notified of these errors.

Any firm that has previously registered with SAM and has never been awarded any jobs, would be well advised to seek professional guidance in reviewing and updating their registration as soon as possible

Why Use a Professional Service for Your SAM (System for Award Management Registration)

A professional registration company provides dedicated and trained advisors to complete a vendor’s government registration, connect vendors with procurement officers, and email vendors with bid notifications.

SAM Registration Profiles should include:

  • System for Award Management (SAM) Registration
  • DSBS
  • Capabilities Statement
  • SAM Migration Annual Updates
  • Year-Long Technical Support with Dedicated Representatives
  • FAR Updates
  • Basic Changes to Registration (NAICS codes, Contact Information, Contracts Awarded, etc.)
  • Government Buyer Submission
  • FEMA Vendor Profile Creation
  • Verification of DUN & BRADSTREET Number (required)
  • Researching the proper NAICS codes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Self-service SAM registration is free, but the government will not notify you of any incorrect or incomplete information, they will simply bypass your registration when seeking vendors.

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Why Use GP&M

GP&M is one of the largest third party Federal Vendor registration firms in the world. We also offer various other registration services that include GSA/VA, SBA Certifications, Set-aside Designations, International CAGE Code Numbers (NCAGE), and WAWF Registration and Invoicing (Wide-Area Work Flow).

GP&M is a highly reputable and trusted Federal Vendor registration company, and is the only 3rd party registration firm that is fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. The fees charged by GP&M are for specific services provided and not for the forms which are provided free of charge by the Government for self-registration.

Call GP&M at 844-863-5166 and let us properly prepare and submit your registration and DSBS filing.

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