Dynamic Sub-Contractor Verification Services

Finding and vetting eligible small businesses as Government sub-contractors is a complicated and time consuming process. This is where GP&M can help. Forget going through 50 or more candidates to find 5-10 that meet your specific needs. You only contact the businesses you have chosen from our vetted list for consideration.

1. You provide your preferred criteria for a small business to be considered. (i.e. minimum years in business, revenue, past performance, certifications, etc.)

2. You provide the total number of small businesses you wish to be submitted to you for final consideration.

3. We submit the final list of qualified and fully vetted businesses for your consideration.

How GP&M helps Prime Contractors verify
registered, qualified and reputable Sub-contractors

We will fully vet all sub-contractors before submission to you for consideration. Every business submitted for consideration is guaranteed to meet your preferred criteria but also have the following completed and verified:

The System for Award Management (SAM) Registration is required for any business to receive Federal contract funds of $3,000 or more. This registration will be complete and include a CAGE Code and DUNS Number for the candidate company.

The profile in the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) Database will be complete and fully optimized for contract and/or subcontracting and set-aside programs

To compliment the DSBS Profile, an Interactive Capability Statement will be created and will include and describe everything the candidate business can offer the Government. GP&M will generate this dynamic statement, complete with links to the company’s selected website. Using this statement, you can see more information on entity background and product and/or service offerings available for consideration.

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